Company SCPC

(Slovak Cleaner Production Centre) was established in 1994, originally as a part of the National Industrial Association. Later it acquired the legal form of not-for-profit independent organization, civic association. In the year 1994 company SCPC became a member of international network of National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs) established by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) and UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) and currently it is one of the oldest members. At its beginning, the organization focused on implementation of cleaner production and energy efficiency project at companies in Slovakia and abroad. SCPC gradually expanded its activities to management systems implementation and due to the expertise and personal capacities it increasingly began to address the safety and risk management at companies. In 2002, based on recommendation of auditors, the legal form of the organisation was changed to Limited company - SCPC, Ltd. that is used until today.

At present

SCPC is a professional, independent organization that provides a wide range of services. Priority focuses is on expertise consultancy in the field of health and safety at work, fire protection, prevention of major industrial accidents, environmental protection, integrated licensing and energy audits. The target group are mainly industrial companies in Slovakia and abroad. SCPC is working closely with national and international enterprises and institutions of the economic sphere and consulting companies.

The Vision of SCPC

is to be one of leader positions in supporting and implementing practical and effective environmental protection, fire protection and occupational health and safety at companies in Slovakia and abroad.

The Company Motto


means that by preventive approach SCPC can help you to avoid the occurrence of problems that are often financially demanding.