Thermovision (thermography) offers one of the most effective ways to identify heat leaks and thermal differences on the observed surface by a method that scans the emitted infrared radiation from the surface of the object. The key of Thermal Imaging - Thermography, is illustration of the distribution of surface temperature by measuring the intensity of infrared radiation from the surface. The result of thermovision measurement is an infrared image (thermograph) where the problem areas with disturbed temperature field can be accurately identified.

Thermovision is currently of great importance. It does not only help to identify failures of the thermal insulation, but also weaknesses of water pipes, electrical wiring and installation of piping, hidden defects in the leakage, and so on. Utility and applicability of thermovision measurement is therefore wide - ranging from small family homes through large structures to complex technologies in industries and power engineering. The result of thermovision measurement is identification of critical and problem areas, the possibility of their early elimination and subsequently optimization and costs savings for the operation or possible disaster.

Industry - infrared radiation diagnostic of faults in mechanically stressed and overheated equipment parts (clutch, gearbox, bearings, conveyors, combustion engines) gives the possibility of detection of possible damage to furnaces and chimneys, or detection of wiring problems (control cabinets, insulators, electro-motors, joints).

Power engineering - the identification of damage to the insulation of power distribution from steam piping to cooling circuits. Losses caused by damage to the distribution media are easily detectable when using the thermovision measurements. Identification of overheating and deterioration of electric energy connections and elements of electrical appliances.

Construction - thermography can find errors in construction, find thermal bridges and moisture retention in the walls, insulation failure, penetration of air, it can detect quality of additional thermal building insulation and find for errors in underfloor heating.


SCPC, Ltd. provides Thermal Imaging using a high-quality professional FLUKE Ti32 Infrared Camera with a measurement range of surface temperature - temperature range from -20°C to 600°C, resolution 320x240 IR FPA "Focal Plane Array", temperature sensitivity ≤ 0.05°C at 30°C target temperature. Our goal is to provide besides the Thermovision measurement, our professional advice - an energy audit with a focus on energy saving and detection of defects, which ultimately leads to financial savings.



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