OHS documentation

The basic OHS documentation is as follows:

  • Basic OHS directive
  • OHS policy, OHS policies implementation program
  • The Employees' Safety Representative (Letter of appointment of the employees' safety representative, List of employees' safety representatives)
  • Occupational accidents directive (Record form for registered occupational accidents, Request form for assessment of occupational accident, Notice of insured event, Book of accidents)
  • Trauma plan
  • OHS training directive (Yearly plan of trainings, Training records form, OHS tests, Entry card for supplier activities)
  • List of activities and workplaces forbidden to pregnant women, mothers until 9th month after giving birth and breastfeeding women (directive)
  • List of activities and workplaces forbidden to juveniles (directive)
  • Alcohol and psychotropic substances (directive), Protocol on testing the alcohol presence
  • Drinking regime (directive)
  • Working with display devices (directive)
  • Assessment of risks of working activities – risk analysis
  • Providing of personal protective equipment PPE (directive), Proposal of PPE and list of provided PPE, PPE record card
  • Health and safety marking (directive)
  • Electrical devices and appliances (directive)
  • Operation of company vehicles (directive)
  • Safe work procedures and OHS operating instructions (according to customer requirements and operational needs; e.g. Operating instructions for working safely with chemicals, Operating instructions for fixed tanks for granular material, Transport and operating instructions)

Occupational Health Service basic documentation:

  • Preliminary audit report
  • Health surveillance
  • Checklists
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Questionnaires (e.g. Evaluation of mental workload in terms of level of working conditions questionnaire, Subjective work assessment questionnaire according to Meister, Assessment of sensorial stress at work in terms of level of work conditions questionnaire, Visual difficulties at work questionnaire
  • Forms of an indicative measurement of factors and work environment
  • Information materials
  • Work categorization
  • Preventive medical examinations in relation to work
  • Evidence of employees

Further documentation and safety equipment:    

  • OHS Plan at the construction site
  • A written statement on explosion protection
  • Operating instructions for working in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Report on determining external effects


Integrated Management of Risks in Organisation – Effective and Efficient HSE Risk Management


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