Energy audit

An Energy Audit is a systematic procedure with the purpose of obtaining adequate knowledge of the current status and characteristics of the energy consumption that are needed for the identification and proposal of cost-effective energy savings opportunities in the building, group of buildings, in an industrial or commercial operations or facilities for private and public services (in accordance with the Act No. 321/2014 Coll. on Energy Efficiency and amending certain laws).

Energy Audit serves as a decision-making tool of the investor for the reconstruction of buildings and as a foundation for design and construction work, for planning and achieving energy savings and costs.

Only a registered energy auditor (register of auditors is published on the website of the Ministry of Economy) or an auditor from another EU country, may conduct mandatory energy audit.

The output of the energy audit is a written energy audit report and summary information sheet.

The obligation of businesses

Under the Act no. 321/2014 Coll. on Energy Efficiency and amendments of certain laws are large businesses obligated:

  • to carry out Energy audit at least once every four years,
  • to implement a certified energy management system, or
  • to implement a certified environmental management system, the scope of which corresponds to the scope according to Article 31 §1 letter (g) of the second point. 
Note: Large business - an enterprise which employs more than 250 persons or whose annual turnover exceeds 50 million EUR and / or annual balance sheet total exceeds 43 million EUR.

Commitment of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises is voluntary, with the fact that the enterprises may seek contribution for the energy audits from European funds. The money from EU funds can also be used to increase energy efficiency and for savings.

The benefits of an energy audit

  • Energy Saving
  • Financial savings
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Increased the building value
  • Increased comfort of people


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