Our team

We employ stable team of professionals with more competence in permanent employment. Their continuing education and professional improvement is the key for quality service delivery.


František Kvinta

František Kvinta is a director of SCPC, Ltd. and a senior consultant in the field of Health and Safety. As a Safety Engineer, František is a part of our team since 2003, when he started to fully operate in the Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents, Health and Safety at Work and Fire Protection. During his work on various projects he gained valuable experience in the risk management and risk assessment at the chemical and pharmaceutical plants, as well as in the application of process and occupational safety in these operations, including engineering and automotive industries. He applies his knowledge not only in the management of national and international projects, but as well as in the management of our company, which he is leading since 2009. František graduated at Slovak University of Technology, the Faculty of Chemical Technology, where he has specialized in Safety Engineering. He holds professional competencies of a Specialist for Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents, an Authorized Safety Technician and a Fire Protection Specialist.


Tomáš Laurinc

Tomáš Laurinc is the oldest member of SCPC’s team. In the year 2000, after graduating at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, he began to acquire its expertise in a non-profit organization that was predecessor of SCPC. In this period he successfully implemented several projects mainly in the field of Cleaner Production, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development. Tomas as a project manager, consultant and lecturer participated in the implementation of projects financed from the European Union. In 2002, he became one of the founders of SCPC, Ltd., where his experiences from previous projects were further developed. Since 2007 he is authorized person for expert assessment according to Air Protection Legislation. In 2009 he obtained authorization as an Energy Auditor and by that time he implemented lots of energy audits in companies in Slovakia and abroad. Given its experience gained during the implementation of energy audits and emission assessments, he extends its scope of work as an authorized person for the performance of consultancy on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control. In this respect, he is providing comprehensive consulting services for new constructions, especially industrial buildings and their commissioning. Tomas is still closely linked to the Safety Engineering, which he studied at the Department of Chemical Engineering. A matter of course, he provides professional services as Authorized Safety Technician and Fire Protection Technician.


Martin Alexovič

Martin Alexovič is a consultant of SCPC, Ltd. Within the company he is in charge of consulting, implementation and project management in the field of Health and Safety at Work, Prevention of Industrial Accidents and Fire Protection. In addition, Martin is also involved in projects of other company areas. Martin is a Certified Safety Technician, Fire Protection Engineer and Specialist for Prevention of Major Industrial Accidents. He studied Safety Engineering at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Chemical Technology.


Veronika Saul

Veronika Saul works in our company since 2008. Veronika's primary job description is consultancy in the field of Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems. It includes design and preparation of system documentation, performance of internal system audits and audits of legislative areas that are covered in the individual management systems, further it includes trainings and performance of Systems Manager position for the client's company. Within her work activities Veronika is also responsible for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), implementation and management of international projects and organization of trainings in the areas performed by our company. For these abovementioned activities she acquired the knowledge during her studies at the University of Matej Bel, Faculty of Sciences, where she graduated from Environmental Ecology specialized in Environmental Education, and as well from her previous overseas and local occupations, where Veronika worked as an EIA consultant and consultant of management systems.


Elena Michalíková

Elena Michalíková works as a consultant in the field of environmental protection in our company since 2007. As a graduate of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Faculty of Chemical Technology, she has found application in various chemical and food processing plants, in various positions. She applies its expertise in its activities in consulting, preparation of documentation and trainings in the field of Environmental Protection, and in conducting environmental compliance audits. Elena is an authorized person for the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control advice services and an authorized assessor for professional emission assessments in the area of Air Protection.


Adam Čevela

Adam Čevela works as a consultant in the field of Environmental Protection. In our company, he is employed since 2009. Since 2006, after graduating at Comenius University in Bratislava, Department of Geography and Public Administration, he started to work as an Environmental Auditor and Consultant. Currently, he mainly performs legislative advisory and audits in the field of Environmental Protection. He as well prepares a range of statutory and voluntary documents in environmental area. In addition to these activities Adam is an authorized person for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and authorized person for the performance of consultancy Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC).


Janka Guothová

Jana Guothová is a consultant of SCPC, Ltd. In 2011, after graduating at the Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Material Sciences and Technology, where she studied the Integrated Security, she became a member of our team. After the exchange of student team for a working team, she obtained necessary certificates for the performance of Authorized Safety Technician, Fire Protection Technician and for performance of training in these areas. At SCPC, Ltd. Jana fulfills the role of professionally qualified persons in the field of Civil Protection of Population. Within her job she perform these activities: expert advice, auditing, processing of the necessary documentation and performing trainings in Occupational Safety, Fire Protection and Civil Protection of Population.