E-learning trainings in the areas of occupational health and safety and fire protection are an excellent method of learning for those without the time or availability to attend a traditional course. You can start or stop the e-learning training course at any time and study anywhere in the world, at your own pace and convenience.

The e-learning form of education is approved by the National Labor Inspectorate, so it ensures compliance with the legislation in the given area. The output of e-learning trainings is a Record book about the course of educational activity, which you can use as proof.

Within the offered e-learning trainings, you can choose from open trainings or we can prepare trainings customized to your company's needs.

E-learning platform also includes access for HR managers, regular reporting, keeping and maintaining records, assigning of individual trainings, monitoring of training progress, reminder system.

Topics of e-learning trainings and their language variants:

  • Safety and health protection at work (SK, EN, UA, RU, HU)
  • Fire protection (SK, EN, UK) Work at heights (SK, EN, UA, RU, HU)
  • Motor vehicle driver training (SK, EN)
  • Training for work at heights and above free depth (SK)
  • Training for working with diisocyanates (SK)
  • Training for working with chemicals (SK)
  • Learned person §20 (SK)

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