Fire protection documentation

The basic Fire Protection documentation pursuant to Decree No. 121/2002 Coll. on fire prevention mainly includes:

  • Fire identification card of the company
  • Directive on Fire Protection in off-work hours
  • Directive on activities with increased risk of fire
  • Fire Safety Log Book
  • Fire Workplace Code
  • Fire Alarm Directives
  • Fire Evacuation Plan
  • List of objects and areas with increased fire risk

Further documentation on Fire Protection:

  • Fire hazard analysis - based on the decision of the Regional Directorate of Fire and Rescue Service
  • Maintaining evidence of controls of fire-fighting equipment and fire water supply
  • Maintaining data on fire, causes of fire, reports on results of the analyses and of the measures taken in the field of fire protection
  • Documentation of Fire Safety characteristics of building


Integrated Management of Risks in Organisation – Effective and Efficient HSE Risk Management


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