Environmental services

Environmental audit

Environmental audit is an audit of an organization's compliance with the legal requirements tin the field of environmental protection, a comparison of all organization activities with the environmental legislation of the Slovak Republic, and as well compliance with decisions issued by the government bodies.

Environmental Consultancy and Advisory, Environmental Outsourcing

In all areas of environmental protection, we offer professional advice and representation towards state authority, as well the service to act as an external ecologist of the company, or an environmental specialist.

An Authorized Assessor

We provide services of an Authorized Assessor for the elaboration of the Emissions and Technology Report according to Law No. 137/2010 Coll. on Air Protection.

Waterworks Manager

We can provide the performance of the Waterworks Manager for your company in accordance with Article 70 of the Act No. 364/2004 Coll. (Water Act).

In this regard, please note that the position of the Waterworks Manager is required to be establish by a company that regularly handles solid pollutants in quantities exceeding 1 ton or liquid pollutants in quantities exceeding 1 m3 (in the case of priority hazardous substances is the criterion of 0,3 t and 0,3 m3), or the company discharges sewage water into surface water or ground water in an amount greater than 400 m3 per day.

Evaluation of the environmental risks

We perform the impact analysis of accidents involving the hazardous substances to the environment using the H & V index methodology. H & V methodology (Hazard and Vulnerability) index is based on the Czech methodological guideline "Methodical guideline of the Department of Environmental Risks and Ecological Damage for environmental impact assessment involving hazardous substances."

The H & Methodology index is primarily designed to assess the severity of the impact of potential environmental accidents for the purposes of Directive Seveso III. It is used for the evaluation of short-term accidental discharge of hazardous substances into the environment that do not exceed hours or days within their time horizon.



Integrated Management of Risks in Organisation – Effective and Efficient HSE Risk Management


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