Fire protection service

Fire Protection Technician Services

We provide mainly the following services:

  • Fire Prevention Controls
  • Maintenance of Fire Safety Log Book
  • Proposal of fire protection measures for off-work hours
  • Determining areas with increased fire risk and the number of members of the Fire Patrol
  • Fire Protection training and education of employees, managers, members of the fire patrol and persons providing fire protection in off-work hours - regular training and the training of new employees
  • The development, management and maintenance of Fire Protection documentation in accordance with the current situation
  • Records of Fire Protection Checks
  • Setting the fire safety requirements for the use and change in use of buildings and preparation of documentation for the building fire protection characteristics
  • Organization and evaluation of Fire Alarms practice
  • Representation towards the Fire Protection Authorities
  • Analysis of fire risk

Fire Protection Audit

The role of the audit is to identify the state of the Fire Protection in a company operation. The FP audit consists of a visual inspection and checks of documentations pursuant to Act 314/2001 Coll. The audit output is a list of audit findings, resulting recommendations, proposals of documents to be drawn up, and notifications of other problems that can be expected in case of an inspection done by Fire Protection Authorities.



Integrated Management of Risks in Organisation – Effective and Efficient HSE Risk Management


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