News 2019

Factors of work environment

19. 7. 2019
On July 8, 2019 entry into force Decree no. 220/2019 Coll., amending and supplementing the Decree no. 448/2007 Coll. on details of work environment factors...

Amendment to the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Act

16. 7. 2019
On July 16, 2019 entry into force act no. 210/2019 Coll., amending and supplementing act no. 286/2009 Coll. on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas...

Amendment to the Nature Protection Act

10. 6. 2019
On June 3, 2019 entry into force Act no. 150/20019 Coll. on the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species and on the...

Environmental Fund

26. 4. 2019
On April 26, 2019 entry into force act no. 111/2019 Coll., amending and supplementing act no. 587/2004 Coll. about the Environmental Fund...

Employee Health Protection

25. 4. 2019
On May 1, 2019 entry into force government regulation no. 110/2019 Coll., amending government regulation no. 356/2006 Coll. on the protection of the health of...

Technical requirements for electrical equipment

25. 4. 2019
On July 1, 2019 entry into force decree no. 104/2019 Coll., amending decree no. 465/2013 Coll. on technical requirements for electrical equipment and electronic...

Energy efficiency of buildings

25. 4. 2019
On May 1, 2019 entry into force act no. 96/2019 Coll., amending and supplementing Act no. 555/2005 Coll. on the energy efficiency of buildings ...

Bug fix

18. 1. 2019
Notice of correction of an error in the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic no. 382/2018 Coll. on waste dumping and storage of waste...

Amendment of the Energy Efficiency Act

10. 1. 2019
On February 1, 2019 entry into force act no. 4/2019 Coll., amending and suplementing act no. 321/2014 Coll. about energy efficiency...

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